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Teamsters Local Union 847 has been representing our membership for over 60 years. We take pride in our membership and the service which we provide to our members; we negotiate the best contracts with strong union language to protect our members and their rights at the work place.

We have unlimited resources with the knowledge, the experience and the strength to fight for our members.

The Teamsters name is recognized for our commitment to the membership, the strength of our contracts, the quality of our benefits and the protection offered to our members.


Fernanda is the President and Principal Officer of Local Union 847

Fernanda joined Local 847 as a Union Business representative in 2005 servicing members trough the GTAA and surrounding areas, such as MLSE, Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring, The Marriott, Travelodge, ABC INOAC and Brock Early Learning Centre. First Woman Elected on the Teamsters Canada Executive Board, also serves as Recording Secretary with Teamsters Joint Council No.52 and has been appointed by Teamsters Canada to the position of Political Action Assistant Coordinator Provincial Jurisdiction Central Region.

P: 905-502-8895 x260


Teresa is the Bookkeeper/TITAN Operator

Teresa is a native of Portugal and has lived in Toronto Canada since 1966. She Joined Teamsters Local Union 847 in 1993 as a Receptionist/Secretary and in 1996 became the local’s TITAN Operator and currently does both TITAN and Bookkeeper.

P: 905-502-8895 x230/226


Tom-Fraser_500Tom Fraser  is a die hard Teamsters; for many years, Tom was the President of another Local and Vice President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters up until he decided to retire in 2012; was a short lived retirement and he is currently the Secretary Treasurer of Local 847.

P: 905-502 8895 x224


Rosemary is a Receptionist

Rosemary-Liczner-500Rose joined Teamsters local 847 in February 2002 as a Receptionist and served until 2009. Rosemary re-joined Local 847 in 2012 in her former role of Secretary.

P: 905-502-8895 x221


Jeff Snow is a Business Agent and Vice President

Jeff Snow started as union steward at MLSE back in 2003 and later on becoming the chief steward for MLSE Events CBA. Jeff Snow was Elected to the Board in the Fall of 2022.

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