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I’m scared but I’ve had enough!

People are usually afraid of the unknown. Although quite simple, the unionization process can be worrisome for those who are not unionized. You should know that you have a legal right to join a union and that as labour relations professionals we guarantee that your contacts with us will remain confidential.

If you’ve had enough with your employer’s arbitrary decisions, wages that don’t reflect the quality of your work or having to pinch pennies at the end of the month, contact us.

You deserve better 

Statistics show that unionized workers in Canada earn up to $5.09 more per hour than their non-unionized counterparts for the same work. And we’re not even talking about benefits!

Work conditions that don’t meet your expectations 

Your employer’s success is directly tied to your hard work. Unfortunately, some have a tendency to forget that fact. By joining the Teamsters Union, you’ll have someone to negotiate better work conditions for you, making it possible for you to finally get ahead.

Problems with the boss?

It’s not always easy to speak freely to your superior. With Teamsters, you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of repercussions because our job is to go to bat for you and make sure your issues are addressed. The best of both worlds!

Labour laws offer enough protection

Labour laws guarantee minimum work conditions. But if you want better wages, greater benefits like dental insurance and a more positive work atmosphere, you need professionals like the Teamsters’ representatives.

The union prevents me from speaking to my boss

FALSE. A union is an intermediary between you and your boss, but no one stops you from speaking to him directly. However, the truth is that it’s sometimes hard to tell your superior that he’s on the wrong track. That’s why we’re here, to do it for you.

If I reach out to you, everyone will know 

FALSE. Teamsters understands the importance of discretion. Your contacts with us, whether by phone or e-mail, will remain confidential from start to finish.

What happens after I contact the union?

It’s a simple process: one of our representatives will contact you by phone or e-mail, or meet with you in person wherever you like to ask you some questions about what it’s like in your workplace. We will then speak with co-workers who are also interested in joining and form what is called an organizing committee.

You will be asked to sign a union card. When enough workers have signed union membership cards, we will apply to the Labour Board for certification. If more than 50% sign, the union will be legally recognized and we can start negotiating a collective agreement.

Teamsters Local Union 847

#305 – 5468 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M9B 6E3

T. 416-960-1933
F. 416-960-1093

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